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UWAZI Tech is on a mission to ensure the sustainable development of bio-based value chains across Europe and Africa.
We develop & implement digital value chain solutions and provide value chain sustainability & IT consulting.

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What is Uwazi?

Uwazi means transparency in Swahili

Transparency is the new benchmark in business conduct and the ethos behind all our work.

We strongly believe that greater transparency and data availability will lead to more sustainable and circular value chains that result in better utilization of resources.

UWAZI Tech is a company from Stuttgart, Germany. We are making the transition to a more resource-efficient and sustainable value chain accessible to SMEs and large companies as well as to clusters and regional developers that can enable the transition at a large scale.

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Our Services


VCG.AI is a digital platform for accelerating the transition to a more circular economy by matching companies with the principles of industrial symbiosis. We link companies with direct taste utilization opportunities and accurately place recyclers and waste treatment technologies in the middle of these value chains. 

We leverage AI and Machined Learning to match now-invisible companies in an environment with significant information gaps, into new cross-regional and cross-sectoral value chains in seconds. 


Transparent Product Profiles

phy2app guides companies to prepare transparent B2B & B2C product profiles for their high-value natural products.

Using phy2app, companies can communicate transparently with their exiting and potential buyers to build trust & scale sales.

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Value Chain Circularity & Sustainability Consulting

We help companies introduce sustainable and transparent practices in their value chains, from the origin the the point of consumption.

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Value Chain Digitalization Consulting

With years of experience, we help companies introduce digital strategies and implement digital tools along their value chains. We combine our insights and skills to improve your processes and strategies at every level of digitalization desired.

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Recent projects

We execute projects in the fields of value chain transparency & sustainability and develop digital solutions for sustainable supply chains. 
We conduct research, conceptualise and develop solutions to give our clients an advantage in the market.

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BESTROCAL disseminates VCG.AI in Germany to inspire further German cluster institutions, regional developers, and business promoters to build new regional bio-based value chains.

Contact Us

Tübinger straße 26, 70178 Stuttgart

0711 50655683

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